Just the other day as I was relaying to a young woman about the recent loss of my grandmother, she relayed to me a metaphor that I had never heard of before.  She simply stated, “Grandmothers are the glue in the family; they are what keeps a family connected.”

It was profound, deep, and couldn’t be more true for my family.  “Chici” was the glue; the reason we all gathered, the excuse for a meal, a meeting, a party…  She enfolded many friends into our ever growing, intertwined, weaving masterpiece of what my mother-in-law calls “Our Motley Crue.”  And there is a sense of loss of this glue without her.  Chici represented family, defined it, completed it.  And without her, I dare say we all just feel broken.

You have to imagine for a moment this glue that she represents.  It’s not the gooey mess that you are constantly struggling to be loosed from when it accidently attaches itself to your fingers.  It’s more like the sugary goodness of maple sugar icing you pour over just baked cinnamon rolls, that oozes all over, around, and through every crack melding together as one.

That’s my Chici.  Full of sweetness, sass, opinions, and more love and grace then I ever deserved.  She loved unconditionally, walked with grace, emparted wisdom beyond her eighty-four years, and left huge shoes to fill to continue the legacy started by her parents of open homes and open hearts.

Far too many memories to share in a blog post to accuratley give justice to all that she was to me and my family.  They will remian in my heart forever.  She embodied the scripture’s bidding to keep the commandments to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and strength and impress them upon our children. As I look to the future, I remember the past and the glue.  May it stretch for generations to come and continue to hold us together and may Chici be looking down on us with pride that we are honoring her well.