What’s your worth?  An interesting question.  It could mean a number of things depending upon who you ask.

I’ll ask another question: What/Who decides your value?

A certain monitary amount in your bank account?  Having a bank account? With money in it?

A bunch of letters behind your name with periods in between them?  Or some piece of paper mounted on your wall?(or stuck in a filing cabinet)

Test Scores? Transcripts with mostly A’s?

It’s a constant “measuring up” in this world we live in, I’ve realized.  It’s a constant conversation I have with my children and the boys.  Where does their true value lie?

You see, I was not the best student(shocker!), not the smartest, the fastest, the tallest, the prettiest… I could go on, but that would be depressing!  Much of my teen years were spent desperately trying to fit in somewhere, anywhere.  And always wondering what my value was(although I wouldn’t have termed it that at the time).  It took Jesus, a loving husband, good friends, and some women’s fellowship bible studies to truly grasp where my value lied.  It lied in the One who created me and the One who saved me.

Seeing my own children struggle in finding their identities and not basing them on worldly things that we can’t take with us, I was determined that what they needed most from me was exactly what I needed as well, unconditional love.  Don’t get me wrong, I push my kids pretty hard to do their very best but if their very best is a ‘C’ on an exam(or lower, gasp!) they can be assured that Mom will smile, look them right in the eye, and say, “I’m proud of you and I love you no matter what.”  You are not a mark on an exam, you are a child of God.

Our boys have similiar struggles, mostly due to gaps in their schooling.  Many of them went to school as young boys, ran away to the street, spending several years away form school, and then when they finally returned to school were placed more by age then ability.  That can do a number on your self-confidence.  It’s amazing to see how far some of them have come.  Some struggled and then some really struggled.  We even had those who had to learn to speak and read in English in class 6 and 7!  Their determination to learn and succeed was awe inspiring, but I also worried for them if the results were not as they desired.

And so I started early with them, explaining, in conversations, how I approach learning and gauging success, and it had nothing to do with test scores!  Their worth is simply this- God created them, called it good, and loved them so much he gave his son for them.  And because God created them, he KNOWS them!  Every hair on their head, every scar, every ounce of stubborness, and most importantly He knows their heart.

I am so very proud of them and love them with all that I have, but God loves them more!  And they have infinite worth in His eyes.