crazy loveI’ve been leading a bible study the past few weeks and we have been going through Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” book. I have to read it in advance to filter out all the American references that Kenyans won’t relate to and summarize large chunks because we only have one copy of the book. But hey, it’s Africa so we can make due!
As we entered into chapter two, I struggled to summarize some of the ideas. The ideas of our control issues and focusing on us instead of God, but then I came to the part of the chapter where it has this one liner, “the movie of life…” This group loves movies, finally something they can relate to!
Francis describes the real movie of life, from creation, to the fall, to Abraham, to the prophets, to the climax-Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection. The movie of life is obviously about God, not us. Yet, we live as if it’s all about us.
Then there was this statement, “In 50 years you will be forgotten. No one will remember your name.” This is a profound statement and completely relevant to a Kenyan whose lifespan is roughly 50 years. If this statement is true, then how can we think this life is about us? It has to be more than us and our brief time here on earth. It has to be about God and his son and his message.
I think it’s also true that if we will be forgotten in 50 years, than our life has to reflect something outside of time. We could read the above statement and ask “Why am I here then?” And the simple answer, is to glorify God. That alone will leave a lasting impact that will live well beyond you and touch all the lives of the people around you, with someone greater than you.
Let us focus on eternity.