cinderella pic

I often find myself chuckling when God uses such obscure experiences to teach, reveal, or convict me.  This time He used a silly little movie called “Cinderella.”

While taking a few days away in Nairobi, the family decided to see a movie.  Sydney had been really wanting to see the new adaptation of Cinderella from Disney.  So off we went on an afternoon excursion to a Nairobian mall. 🙂

The story was just as I remembered as a child- cute, quirky, corny, and sweet.  I told Sydney later it was like Cinderella for teenagers because the love story was a bit more grown up.  Then came the climax, Ella meeting her prince face to face in her true form.  And here is where God chose to speak to me.  The narrator is speaking as Ella descends the stairs and slowly passes the large mirror, glancing at herself, “The greatest risk we face is allowing people to see us for who we really are.”  *Or something like that*

cinderella pic3

I’ll admit, I teared up at that moment, and was so thankful it was a dark theater and no one could see me!  But in that moment, God was speaking to me.  In this silly little teeny-bopper movie, God was telling me it was okay to be me.  That me was enough.  Reminding me that authenticity is a risk, but it can reap wonderful benefits.

He whispered His words, I knew you before you were born, I chose you, I love you.

I have often struggled with insecurities; the pains of not fitting in are a part of my reality, my past.  I praise God that He has brought me through those lies and I know I am clothed with strength and dignity.  But I am thankful that I have a big God that knows when I might need a little reminder and I love His sense of humour in how He chooses to remind me. 🙂