A birthday to remember

May 5 |

Sometimes birthdays are memorable for the celebration, the milestone, or something learned. This last one will be remembered for an entirely different reason. After spending some time in the States to work on a few things I returned to Kenya to meet the family in Nairobi and have some quality time together. The day we

2 years later…what have we learned?

Mar 11 |

As I look around my home here in Mombasa and reflect on the last two years, the things we have learned and seen God do is quite amazing. Since March 11, 2013 we have lived in four homes. We have gone from a homeschooling, football playing, ballet dancing, swimming, youth group band playing, pastor’s family

Ever felt lost?

Nov 17 |

When someone feels lost it could mean at least a couple of different things. It could mean that they are lost (duh!). It could also mean that they think they are lost, but they aren’t. It could also mean that they know they aren’t lost, they just feel like they are. At various times and

Cutting off the branch you’re standing on

Nov 17 |

I haven’t been writing much. Probably because i have been doing a lot of thinking and struggling. In the end it is a good thing, but where it has left me is a bit in my own mind, working through various issues and seeking answers via prayer and study. Whether it be for distractionary purposes

An interconnected world…searching for a center.

Sep 18 |

When the World Cup was playing the world seemed to become centered on this one event. When a plane crashes and can’t be found the world focusses its attention once again. Governments ruling, governments being overthrown, riots and brutality, disputes over land, resources and ideology. So many things that capture our attention and then pass

What do you want most for those you love?

Aug 22 |

When we left the Boys for 5 weeks, it was with a bit of uncertainty. We talked a lot about what it would look like, a couple of people were supposed to look in on them, but we knew that there could be a lot of challenges. In the States we had many praying for

Fighting for your reputation

May 8 |

Without sharing the details of the situation, I have come to understand something of Jesus’ life and specifically his persecution in a new and humbling way. When Jesus was accused of wrongs He never committed, when He was misunderstood and judged by those who were closest to Him, and the truth of His character was

A protective dad…

Apr 16 |

Some people say that I am a protective dad. I might be able to own that handle, both for my boys and for my little girl. The way this typically comes out is in conversation about young fellers that show an interest in Syd. Which reminds me that I should start working out again. If

The Boys’ new flats: can we stay or do we go?

Dec 4 |

I have always heard that for each area around here there is someone who is considered the village elder. But until the other day I had never met one. Recently we moved a dozen or so boys into 2 flats (apartments) to house, feed, and support them as they go to school and grow spiritually. Within the first 3 days we received a call saying that there were complaints about them coming in late and being noisy. Some of the issue was that there were different events that had ended late, some of it was because they were not being quiet while walking the stairs to their new third story home. Most of it was that there were a whole bunch of street kids now in the area and people were suspicious. We told the boys that we needed them to follow the rules, make sure they were quiet and were a good witness to the community. We received the call as we were teaching the boys how to paint the front rooms, which will function as a study/eating area as well as a hangout space. The gist of the calls were that they wanted us to move out, just a few days after we had moved in.

Running over slippery rocks

Nov 27 |

Sometimes life just has a way of making you feel like the only step you know for sure how to make is the next one. It isn’t like a plan isn’t in place or the options aren’t full of potential. Maybe it is more of an internal issue than it is a circumstantial one. Maybe it is the stress, challenge and yet privilege of living in this liminal space between where God has me and where God wants me. When things are out of your control and so much depends upon other people sometimes my instinct is to try insert myself (and my wisdom 🙂 ) into the situation.  As if you can make other people responsible, mature, and good examples. In some ways it betrays my lack of trust in God’s ability and desire to work in other people. Is it the case that at times people will work for their self interest? Of course and in the end they will be responsible for their actions and I will be responsible for mine.