Pressing the Enter button…stepping forward

Jan 4 |

All of us type using keypads and in doing so hit the Enter button several times during a session in front of our screens. But at various times during our lives this mundane and seemingly unimportant task takes on much more significant meaning.

I was able to witness one such press of the Enter button as Erika and Pastor Nancy purchased our plane tickets yesterday. March 9th…departing from Los Angeles International Airport—-arriving in Nairobi, Kenya. January 1st marked a New Year, January 3rd, 4th, and 9th mark a new year for each of the kids (15,14,11) and March 9th a new chapter in our lives as Followers of Jesus, one that will take us to Kenya. We haven’t left yet and have a ton to do before we can, but the purchase of the tickets for a March departure (God willing and barring any major political upheaval) seems like a big deal.

Songs the Kids Shared

Oct 1 |

I thought you might enjoy listening to the original songs the kids sang yesterday during our sharing luncheon.  Their heart in choosing these songs was powerful even if the end result may not have been. 🙂  I love their willingness to pour their hearts out with their voices.  It is reminiscent of how the Kenyan

Brennen’s sharing from Kenya Luncheon

Oct 1 |

I think God has given me many gifts, of which I can use to serve him, such as soccer, music, and singing.  Although, I don’t want to use those talents to make myself popular; I want to use those talents to serve Him.  While we were in Kenya, I had the privilege to play the guitar at the Comido School in front of a lot of kids.  I think people usually respect you for what you wear, what you drive, or what house you live in.  I don’t want to be known by that, I want to be known by what I do for God. I think that will help me spread the word of God in Nairobi.  My soccer abilities could help tell people about God in Kenya as well.