Growing, Falling Down, and Getting Back Up Through a Transition

Dec 15 |

  I’m sure I will be apologizing a lot over the next few months, mostly because I will fail to meet someone’s expectations of me. So as the apologies have already begun, I thought I would pull back the veil and let people into this topsy, turvy thing we call “transition.” Especially in light of

When You Lose Your Glue

Aug 9 |

  Just the other day as I was relaying to a young woman about the recent loss of my grandmother, she relayed to me a metaphor that I had never heard of before.  She simply stated, “Grandmothers are the glue in the family; they are what keeps a family connected.” It was profound, deep, and

The Greatest Risk We Face…Reflections While Watching Cinderella

May 5 |

I often find myself chuckling when God uses such obscure experiences to teach, reveal, or convict me.  This time He used a silly little movie called “Cinderella.” While taking a few days away in Nairobi, the family decided to see a movie.  Sydney had been really wanting to see the new adaptation of Cinderella from