A birthday to remember

May 5 |

Sometimes birthdays are memorable for the celebration, the milestone, or something learned. This last one will be remembered for an entirely different reason. After spending some time in the States to work on a few things I returned to Kenya to meet the family in Nairobi and have some quality time together. The day we

Ever felt lost?

Nov 17 |

When someone feels lost it could mean at least a couple of different things. It could mean that they are lost (duh!). It could also mean that they think they are lost, but they aren’t. It could also mean that they know they aren’t lost, they just feel like they are. At various times and

Cutting off the branch you’re standing on

Nov 17 |

I haven’t been writing much. Probably because i have been doing a lot of thinking and struggling. In the end it is a good thing, but where it has left me is a bit in my own mind, working through various issues and seeking answers via prayer and study. Whether it be for distractionary purposes

An interconnected world…searching for a center.

Sep 18 |

When the World Cup was playing the world seemed to become centered on this one event. When a plane crashes and can’t be found the world focusses its attention once again. Governments ruling, governments being overthrown, riots and brutality, disputes over land, resources and ideology. So many things that capture our attention and then pass

What do you want most for those you love?

Aug 22 |

When we left the Boys for 5 weeks, it was with a bit of uncertainty. We talked a lot about what it would look like, a couple of people were supposed to look in on them, but we knew that there could be a lot of challenges. In the States we had many praying for

Fighting for your reputation

May 8 |

Without sharing the details of the situation, I have come to understand something of Jesus’ life and specifically his persecution in a new and humbling way. When Jesus was accused of wrongs He never committed, when He was misunderstood and judged by those who were closest to Him, and the truth of His character was

A protective dad…

Apr 16 |

Some people say that I am a protective dad. I might be able to own that handle, both for my boys and for my little girl. The way this typically comes out is in conversation about young fellers that show an interest in Syd. Which reminds me that I should start working out again. If

Why do you think what you believe is true?

Apr 1 |

I have a friend who is a Muslim and we had a great conversation the other day. It is like many of the interactions I have had but illustrated something I think is important for us all. After our customary greetings and checking in about family, kids, and life we ventured into the area of religion. We have talked about many issues and how our faiths or worldviews differ in perspective. It has been fascinating to hear how others perceive their purpose, how they are instructed to live and the like. One of the great things about living in this place is that it is full of people with such varied backgrounds. If you study the history of Mombasa you will find indigenous people, Somalis, Asians (Indian, Pakistani, etc), Yemeni, Omani, Arabs in general and more. Religiously, there are Muslims and Hindus of every stripe. As someone who loves interacting with ideas and people who hold differing ones than I do, it is a joy.

What difference does a year make?

Mar 11 |

Of course one could think of a year in terms of sheer duration, like 365 days, 12 months, or 52 weeks. Or you could think of it as events; packing a house, moving stuff, saying good-bye, driving to CA and saying good-bye again, boarding a plane with your beautiful wife and three kids and heading to another country marked the first one. Ever since it has been a year of firsts, major challenges, and best of all seeing God at work. I wonder what other people think about as time passes by and they mark milestones in life. Next month marks my 38th birthday, this month my 14th year as a Follower of Jesus, and also 1 year as a resident of Mombasa, Kenya. We have come to see this place as our home, heat, mosquitos, instability and all. What does God have for us in the future? We don’t know. What we do know is that to this point in our journey, He has been present and we have been on the front row of seeing Him at work.

Can’t understand anyone, again. Call it a journey…part. 3

Feb 26 |

Before we began our journey to the other side of the country, I failed to realize that most of the people there would’t speak English or Kiswahili. Ok, maybe that is a bit exaggerated, but at least the young ones and the older ones couldn’t. When we first arrived I was introduced to a few of M’s older relatives, one being his 88 yr old grandma. She sat outside of their mud and wood home, content to allow the commotion go on elsewhere. I thought to myself, I know enough Kiswahili to say hi and introduce myself, let’s see how this goes. After a couple of minutes of trying, I just figured I wasn’t pronouncing something correctly and that she had an odd way of saying things. Usually it goes a little better than this. I just smiled and nodded, the appropriate response to someone when you have no idea what they are saying or an ability to respond intelligently. One of the younger cousins came up and greeted me. It was then that she began speaking to the grandmother in Kiluo, a tribal language which I knew nothing about. So began my time, much like when we first moved to Kenya, when I didn’t understand the bulk of what was being said.