Growing, Falling Down, and Getting Back Up Through a Transition

Dec 15 |

  I’m sure I will be apologizing a lot over the next few months, mostly because I will fail to meet someone’s expectations of me. So as the apologies have already begun, I thought I would pull back the veil and let people into this topsy, turvy thing we call “transition.” Especially in light of

When You Lose Your Glue

Aug 9 |

  Just the other day as I was relaying to a young woman about the recent loss of my grandmother, she relayed to me a metaphor that I had never heard of before.  She simply stated, “Grandmothers are the glue in the family; they are what keeps a family connected.” It was profound, deep, and

The Greatest Risk We Face…Reflections While Watching Cinderella

May 5 |

I often find myself chuckling when God uses such obscure experiences to teach, reveal, or convict me.  This time He used a silly little movie called “Cinderella.” While taking a few days away in Nairobi, the family decided to see a movie.  Sydney had been really wanting to see the new adaptation of Cinderella from

2 years later…what have we learned?

Mar 11 |

As I look around my home here in Mombasa and reflect on the last two years, the things we have learned and seen God do is quite amazing. Since March 11, 2013 we have lived in four homes. We have gone from a homeschooling, football playing, ballet dancing, swimming, youth group band playing, pastor’s family

The Movie of Life…

Mar 10 |

I’ve been leading a bible study the past few weeks and we have been going through Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” book. I have to read it in advance to filter out all the American references that Kenyans won’t relate to and summarize large chunks because we only have one copy of the book. But hey,

What’s Your Worth?

Jan 22 |

What’s your worth?  An interesting question.  It could mean a number of things depending upon who you ask. I’ll ask another question: What/Who decides your value? A certain monitary amount in your bank account?  Having a bank account? With money in it? A bunch of letters behind your name with periods in between them?  Or

He called me Mom

Jan 6 |

I was unprepared and it was unexpected. From an unlikely source, came that word; he called me mom. He didn’t say it to my face, but in an emotional time of reflection over Christmas celebrations. Sitting in our living room, hunched over in a chair, hiding his teared stained face from his peers, he confessed

Lessons from an empty makeup tube…facing burnout

Nov 8 |

Living in the US, you get used to the convenience of the drug store nearby and so discard things before they are truly finished, empty, expired. As my makeup struggles to squirt out of my tube one day, I’d simply run down to Target and purhase a new one, failing to realize there may be

It’s The Little Things

Sep 25 |

I have to admit, it’s been a trying week.  So many little things not going quite right.  And a few big ones too. Really made me start thinking about making some lemonade, but then I took some time to try and see things from our boys point of view. Since we returned from our time