Ever felt lost?

Nov 17 |

When someone feels lost it could mean at least a couple of different things. It could mean that they are lost (duh!). It could also mean that they think they are lost, but they aren’t. It could also mean that they know they aren’t lost, they just feel like they are. At various times and

Cutting off the branch you’re standing on

Nov 17 |

I haven’t been writing much. Probably because i have been doing a lot of thinking and struggling. In the end it is a good thing, but where it has left me is a bit in my own mind, working through various issues and seeking answers via prayer and study. Whether it be for distractionary purposes

Lessons from an empty makeup tube…facing burnout

Nov 8 |

Living in the US, you get used to the convenience of the drug store nearby and so discard things before they are truly finished, empty, expired. As my makeup struggles to squirt out of my tube one day, I’d simply run down to Target and purhase a new one, failing to realize there may be