What difference does a year make?

Mar 11 |

Of course one could think of a year in terms of sheer duration, like 365 days, 12 months, or 52 weeks. Or you could think of it as events; packing a house, moving stuff, saying good-bye, driving to CA and saying good-bye again, boarding a plane with your beautiful wife and three kids and heading to another country marked the first one. Ever since it has been a year of firsts, major challenges, and best of all seeing God at work. I wonder what other people think about as time passes by and they mark milestones in life. Next month marks my 38th birthday, this month my 14th year as a Follower of Jesus, and also 1 year as a resident of Mombasa, Kenya. We have come to see this place as our home, heat, mosquitos, instability and all. What does God have for us in the future? We don’t know. What we do know is that to this point in our journey, He has been present and we have been on the front row of seeing Him at work.

What a Year…A reflection on the journey

Mar 9 |

What else is worthwhile in this life?  I have heard nothing better.  ‘Lord, send me!’
– Jim Elliott in a letter to his mother dated August 16, 1948

A year in Kenya. A year in Mombasa. And yet, it’s actually been much, much longer.