Who Will Be Their Advocate?

Jan 23 |

Earth, do not cover my blood;
may my cry never be laid to rest!
Even now my witness is in heaven;
my advocate is on high.
My intercessor is my friend
as my eyes pour out tears to God
-Job 16:18-20

As a believer in Jesus, I am confident that I am not alone; He is with me.  I am also assured that He has sent an advocate in the Holy Spirit to be with me always; guiding me and protecting me as well. It’s a comforting thought to know that no matter where you are or what situation you face, you are never going through it by yourself.

Can we all say that?  Do we see that daily in our lives?  Not all do. Or not yet anyways.  But they will. I hope.

New Year…New School Term for EVERYONE

Jan 14 |

Happy New Year!

For our family and the boys, the new year also brings a new school year.  Kenyan schools follow the calendar year unlike us in the states.  For Trenton and I that meant running around gathering school supplies, uniforms, getting class 8 results, and securing students spots in new schools.  Whew!