It is Christmas Everywhere

Dec 24 |

Gabe said the other day that he doesn’t like doing anything on Christmas. Syd makes the comment that it doesn’t feel like Christmas this year. We are busy running around preparing for a Christmas party for the Boys and some of the Youth Class on Christmas Eve. Sydney is baking, Gabe and Brennen are wrapping, Erika is doing it all. I am sitting on the deck trying to grab a few minutes of alone time to prep for the message I am giving tomorrow, Christmas morning. We like to have an unhurried time during this Season. We tend to sit at home Christmas morning and lounge around in our jammies, drinking hot chocolate, coffee and eating Erika’s heavenly cinnamon rolls. One difference is that it is 90+ degrees w/ high humidity, no snow, our Christmas decorations are in the States and so are the friends and family we have celebrated with for so many years.

The Boys’ new flats: can we stay or do we go?

Dec 4 |

I have always heard that for each area around here there is someone who is considered the village elder. But until the other day I had never met one. Recently we moved a dozen or so boys into 2 flats (apartments) to house, feed, and support them as they go to school and grow spiritually. Within the first 3 days we received a call saying that there were complaints about them coming in late and being noisy. Some of the issue was that there were different events that had ended late, some of it was because they were not being quiet while walking the stairs to their new third story home. Most of it was that there were a whole bunch of street kids now in the area and people were suspicious. We told the boys that we needed them to follow the rules, make sure they were quiet and were a good witness to the community. We received the call as we were teaching the boys how to paint the front rooms, which will function as a study/eating area as well as a hangout space. The gist of the calls were that they wanted us to move out, just a few days after we had moved in.