The Gift Of Hope This Christmas Season

Nov 29 |

If you follow our blog or are our friend on Facebook then you probably have heard of the boys we are trying to serve, boys from the streets desperate for hope.  I(Erika) have been slowly hearing their stories and learning just how far they have come in just three short years(the years that our teammate has been in Kenya serving them).  I have seen a few snapshots of them from the beginning and then I look at them face to face now and I am in awe of the power of love and the gift of a savior.

Running over slippery rocks

Nov 27 |

Sometimes life just has a way of making you feel like the only step you know for sure how to make is the next one. It isn’t like a plan isn’t in place or the options aren’t full of potential. Maybe it is more of an internal issue than it is a circumstantial one. Maybe it is the stress, challenge and yet privilege of living in this liminal space between where God has me and where God wants me. When things are out of your control and so much depends upon other people sometimes my instinct is to try insert myself (and my wisdom 🙂 ) into the situation.  As if you can make other people responsible, mature, and good examples. In some ways it betrays my lack of trust in God’s ability and desire to work in other people. Is it the case that at times people will work for their self interest? Of course and in the end they will be responsible for their actions and I will be responsible for mine.

You Know Me?

Nov 18 |


You know me?

That question can conjour up a lot of ideas as well as emotions depending on who is asking.  For me, it came from one of “the boys” after I accepted his friend request on facebook.  My immediate answer was yes(or why else would I have friended you?). 🙂  Yet he still questioned whether I truly knew him.  Finally I asked him why he would think I didn’t know him.  His answer was a reality check for me, but also drew me to a much deeper questioning.  He said, “but u don’t talk with me when I came to church u dont iven say hae to me is bcz am teling u i dont think that u know me.”