Ever see a rat in a maze? Someone ate the money and your things may walk away.

Oct 23 |

When I say, “have you ever seen a rat in a ‘mayz‘ (just read it phonetically)?” what do you picture? It came up during a bible study with the Boys that illustrates the different understandings we get based on what we hear and our experience. Sean shared that in school they did an experiment that included setting up a maze and running different rats through it. They timed them and tried to get their rat to finish first. This was to help define for the boys and clarify what we meant by a ‘rat in a maze’.

The world isn’t always a safe place to live…so how do we live in it?

Oct 20 |

Sometimes it is best to speak about tense situations after the fact, so as to not alarm people who are concerned, but also to get some distance and perspective for oneself. The Westgate Mall tragedy, the subsequent assassination of a radical cleric in Mombasa, and the day of riots which followed caused us to pull the kids out of school, alert our friends and stay inside. 4 people died in the riots, a church was burned about a mile or so from our placeĀ and the city was pretty much shut down. This isn’t a commentary on who is to blame, who we should be afraid of or the places we should avoid. Each person could come to their own conclusions about the validity or insanity of the cause being advanced. What is new for me is the feeling that comes from hearing gun shots in the distance, from hearing that we should stay inside since it isn’t safe for foreigners right now. The gate is locked from the inside during the day. We talk to the kids about the balance between trusting in God’s protection and the wisdom He provides us to know how and when to make decisions regarding safety. As we discuss and pray together as a family, some of the internal thoughts are about how to best model this tension for our kids. “We aren’t afraid for our lives because we know that even if we die (which we all will at sometime) Jesus have overcome that too. But we also don’t stand in front of speeding trucks just because in principle we believe God can stop it.” Oh, the fun times we have at our family discussion times…serious, yet with a touch of humor. And yes, we prayed for those who might want to harm as well as those in harms way.