The True Overcomers

Sep 30 |

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.
– John 16:33

Living Without Regrets-Heaven Waits For Me

Sep 20 |

As many of reflective times begin with songs, I decided that I shouldn’t try to fix what isn’t broken. :p  I rose early this morning, 5am early.  This has become a routine since the kids started school, a God directed routine.  I wake, drag myself to the hot water kettle to heat water for my instant Dorman’s, then settle into my quiet time chair(think time out spot for toddlers), free of distractions for some much needed time with God.  These moments have become as life giving to me as the air I breath, like the living water Jesus offered to the Samaritan Woman.

First parent-teacher meeting…not for our own kids.

Sep 18 |

Jicho (nickname that refers to his big eyes in Swahili) is a boy that has been on his own for a while. He says he is 16, but looks a little younger than that. He is somewhat smaller than the other boys, but he is a tough kid. Baby faced and pretty quiet, he has survived without the aid of family for some time. His elder brother was ‘harsh’ with him (physically) and since leaving home he has become quite resilient. He stays in a gov’t housing area and sleeps in a small room with 3 bunk beds. The kid doesn’t require anything, can sleep anywhere, and won’t back down from anyone. He is currently in Class 7, but has had issues attending regularly. Twice they have let him come back to school, but this last time they responded a little differently. After missing for over a week he finally decided to go back. He was welcomed with instructions to lie on the table and receive his caning (a beating with a stick). Obviously he wasn’t too keen on that idea, so he ran out and left.

A Week of Firsts

Sep 10 |

2013-09-02_1378101348Last Monday marked a new season for the Yenokida family.  I knew for the last 9 months or so that this day was coming, but I have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to it.

“Spirit Lead Me Where My Trust is Without Borders”

Sep 6 |

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

A couple times a year I allow myself $20 to spend on itunes.  I know myself well enough not to allow myself onto itunes more than this! 🙂  As I was searching for fresh worship music(Kenya lacks an English Contemporary Christian radio station), I found Hillsong United’s newest album.  Of course I purchased the entire album immediately!  As I sat ironing my kid’s school uniforms(another post on that to come!), I let myself become immersed in one song in particular, “Oceans(Where Feet May Fail).”

An extension of you

Sep 4 |

One of the things that has been impressed upon me lately is the idea of us being an extension of others, namely all of you. We try to live our lives informed by this; that God is at work in the world and He is moving His people to participate. As is evident by my writing this from Mombasa, Kenya, we believe that God wants us to serve Him here. For others it is quite different, no worse, no less sacrificial, just different. It may be as a teacher, an engineer, a doctor or nurse, an executive, or someone looking for a job, a mom, a dad, a student, an athlete, or a friend. Some have commented on the total abandon with which we live our lives, leaving the comforts of home and following Jesus to this place. The truth is we are living the life everyone is to live, just doing so in a more public way. As a Christian, who has been saved from the evil we have committed, who has been granted eternal life by turning to Jesus, our lives are not our own; though it is funny how we fool ourselves into thinking that it is. This results in our imitating Jesus, in his self giving life and his obedience to God’s instruction for him. John 17:4 says that He brought the Father glory by completing the task he was sent for. And in the same way I think we glorify God by doing the things He calls us to do.  By turning to Jesus we receive the new life we were created for. By offering our lives to him, He can direct us and guide us in this life. And by our lives lived for Him we bring Him glory.