A Few Days in Nairobi

Aug 27 |

Last week we had the opportunity to spend a few days in Nairobi to glean from the wisdom of those who have gone before us.  Those who have also had their hearts broken for the street kids of Kenya, and also answered God’s call to do something about it.  It was a blessed time of hearing their stories, of simple beginnings, challenges, and victories.  Answering the call to minister to those marginalized by society is the easy part, the implementation of the work and the desire to help and not hurt is where matters become a bit tricky.  We continue to pray for God’s wisdom and guidance, but are feeling the urgency to push forward in order to sustain the work that our colleague has already begun, while making plans that will allow for growth.

What’s Most Familiar is Not Always Home

Aug 26 |

Just two years ago our path seemed so clear.  We knew where we were being called, where we were headed, and to whom.  It was the same place we had been coming home to for three years- Nairobi, Kenya.  Home to the street kids of Eastleigh and Made in the Streets.  The kids who captured our hearts, broke them, and left them forever changed.  Even as we arrived in Kenya just 5 short months ago, that very same path became a reality, but then again it didn’t.

Prayer Requests August 26-Sept1st

Aug 26 |

The kids start school on Monday September 2nd.  Please pray for a smooth transition from homeschool to an international British school.  Both for kids and mom! 🙂 Please continue to pray for Maria, who is still in the hospital with her large bed sore.  We have had many challenges in caring for her. Please pray

Lunch with friends in Old Town

Aug 17 |

Abdul has helped us (Erika mostly) at the market since we first arrived. When we walk in people just yell out his name or go find him. They don’t even try to help us anymore. He has kept us from being taken advantage of and even though I am sure he makes money from us, he is a good guy. We have had lunch with him once before and have been waiting to meet his wife and children who live in Lamu, an island city several hours north of here. He only sees them occasionally as they stay with family there while he works to provide for them here. A miscommunication led them to going back before we could meet and have lunch with them. But when our plans don’t work out, God seems to be at work in ways we don’t expect.

Who Needs Uhaul?!

Aug 7 |

When we decided to buy furniture we wanted to add a little bit of local flare to our place. This entailed us purchasing a couch and two chairs from the side of the road. It is pretty bulky and consists of large pieces of wood strapped together with braided straw-like material. It sounded like a great idea, until we thought about how to get it home. We don’t have a car yet, so the guy quickly said we could just put it on top of a tuk-tuk. I laughed, thinking that he was kidding. But by his facial expression and the fact that he went to waive one down, I quickly found out that he wasn’t. So he an two other guys put the couch on top. Wouldn’t you know it, it fit…kinda.

Sitting with Bob at his shop

Aug 7 |

Bob is a Baluchi Muslim who traces his family heritage back to Iran. He owns a store front in the downtown area, near Old Town where he sells snacks, soda, and various foodstuffs. I was introduced to him through a friend who has since moved onto Nairobi for the time being. Bob is a bit of an older guy, who left the DRC (Congo) a number of years ago. He had a store there that serviced many missionaries and ironically (as if there were such a thing) he met the son of one of those missionaries when he came to Mombasa, my friend.

Light overcomes Darkness

Aug 3 |

It has been a little while since I have blogged, sorry about that. We have been spending the last 3 weeks with a Swahili teacher, 3 hours a day at our home. It is a daunting task (or so it feels) to try and pick up a brand new language in order to better communicate with people here. It is slow going, but the effort is appreciated by most, even if it is accompanied by a few strange looks and smirks.

Tell Me Your Story

Aug 3 |

Tell me your story…how would you answer that imperative?

As long as we have been in Kenya, that has been what the Lord has been impressing upon me.  It’s not enough to ask someone their name(Unaitwa nani?), where they come from(Unatoka wapi?), or where they live(Unaishi wapi?) but to ask them their story.  How they came to Mombasa was just the beginning of their stories.  God wanted me to truly understand them: from their birth, to family life, to their faith, and the intricate details that make them who they are standing in front of me today.

It’s a simple yet powerful.  God is asking me to know people, really know them.  To know them as He knows them.  And in knowing them, I can understand them better, love them deeper, and in doing so they can hopefully see God clearer through me.  Jesus knew the woman at the well.  Really knew her.  But He didn’t have to ask her a single question.  He didn’t have to ask her to tell her story, because He already knew it!  But she needed to know that He knew her, loved her, desired her.