God in the Midst of Injustice

Jul 30 |

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, then you know Maria.  If not, then I will introduce her again to you and all the new intricate details that make sassy Maria special.  She lives on the streets, one of the original street girls of the area we have visited in town; she is married to the “boss” and local drug dealer.  Last year, while high on heroine, she jumped from a building and is now paralyzed from the waist down.  Daily she is carried to a piece of cardboard in front of the market where she begs.  I wish I could tell you the money is used for her care(pampers, the changing of her catheter).  Most days I find her dazed in her drugged stupor, not even sure she recognizes me.

Sometimes we just need fresh perspective

Jul 11 |

I thought I was doing pretty well…thought being the key word.  I had rolled with delays, laughed(much later) at how it was God who orchestrated those delays for my benefit, and just tried to be a good example to my kids of how to be patient.  Again, I thought I was doing pretty well.  And then we moved in.

Upon arriving at our new flat, we knew it wouldn’t be clean(we asked to move in early), we knew there were still repairs to be made, and we knew we didn’t have everything we needed.  What we didn’t know was how many extra repairs we would find immediately that would really make life interesting!  Delays in delivery of furniture, appliances, and a limited budget meant we would need to be flexible(a growing trend here in Kenya for any Mzungu).  What I did not anticipate was being without a cooker for three weeks or working plugs in my entire kitchen and dining room!  We joked with our friends about our kitchen situation, making light of the whole ordeal, but growing inside of me was a resentment toward our new home instead of an attitude of thankfulness for what God had given me.