Jun 30 |

The day we thought would never arrive, finally did!  On June 19th, we moved into our flat, ending the three month saga of missed dates, delays, and all the hiccups that those delays caused.  It is quite amazing how a simple thing like being in your own home can bring such joy and peace to all the family.

The kids excitedly helped(without complaining) pack up our meager belongings back into the suitcases we brought over from the states.  It didn’t require a lot of effort or time to move 15 suitcases a mile down the road, but rather the accomplishment was in the receiving of the keys and finally feeling like we were home.  Home.  After almost four months in Mombasa, home was a welcome word for us.  An a welcome idea as well.  The guest flats we have stayed at have all been great and we were grateful for the hospitality of our friends, but we did in fact feel like guests in our new home country.  And we longed to be settled.

Life and Death…”Street Justice”

Jun 27 |

When you live on the streets of Kenya or are getting to know people who do, you realize it is a different world in more ways than you might think. One of the boys I met in a bible study and whom I have had many conversations with shared a while ago that he lost 3 friends (I’ll call him D). What he means by that is that they were killed. He knew them from the streets in another city. His previous ‘profession’ was as a middle man who sold stolen goods. These boys worked with him and he considered them friends. Over the last 4 months since he left that area to take a job with other Street Boys at a local metal works company things have been different for him. He is now earning a legitimate wage, living in community here away from that life and trying to change. He is the first street kid I have ever had philosophical/theological conversations about theodicy (the problem of evil) with…I knew my apologetics interest would come in handy somewhere (and actually they do all the time over here).


Jun 17 |

There are not many times that I feel shame and embarrassment in my people(Americans), but Friday was one of those days.

Imagine a succession of several white Volkswagen vans(we call them matatus).  The top is popped, with no less than five mzungus(foreigners) standing to catch the best view.  All dressed in traditional holiday attire-tank tops, safari hats, and the familiar red tint to their skin.  What are they trying to catch a glimpse of, you  ask?  Well the view of the people going about their days in downtown Mombasa of course!

Prayer Requests Week of June 16-22

Jun 17 |

Ongoing Prayer Requests Please pray for the street kids of Mombasa Please pray for our home church- FBC Please pray for us to continue to build relationships here Please pray for our team here Please pray for our family-especially our children   New Prayer Requests Please continue to pray for our home church as the

Losing a sandal…almost.

Jun 4 |

When I was a little kid, maybe 6 or so, I lost a rain boot. It was red I think. We used to play in the mud in the backyard around our treehouse. One day I stepped in and the suction of the mud made it so I couldn’t pull it out. The harder I pulled, the less it would move. At last I freed myself, only to find that my foot was out and my boot was still in where I first placed it, deep in the mud. I was too small to pull it out and the rain too strong to ask anyone to come help, so I left it there, hoping to come back the next day to retrieve it. When the rain cleared up and I came back to get my boot, the dirt had already dried up. I didn’t see it so we got a shovel to dig it out. I swear I remember where I was, but we dug to no avail. I could not find my boot. We joked that maybe it worked its way through the earth and came out on the other side, in China maybe.