Pressing the Enter button…stepping forward

Jan 4 |

All of us type using keypads and in doing so hit the Enter button several times during a session in front of our screens. But at various times during our lives this mundane and seemingly unimportant task takes on much more significant meaning.

I was able to witness one such press of the Enter button as Erika and Pastor Nancy purchased our plane tickets yesterday. March 9th…departing from Los Angeles International Airport—-arriving in Nairobi, Kenya. January 1st marked a New Year, January 3rd, 4th, and 9th mark a new year for each of the kids (15,14,11) and March 9th a new chapter in our lives as Followers of Jesus, one that will take us to Kenya. We haven’t left yet and have a ton to do before we can, but the purchase of the tickets for a March departure (God willing and barring any major political upheaval) seems like a big deal.