2013-05-02_13674999732013-09-02_1378101348As I look around my home here in Mombasa and reflect on the last two years, the things we have learned and seen God do is quite amazing.

Since March 11, 2013 we have lived in four homes. We have gone from a homeschooling, football playing, ballet dancing, swimming, youth group band playing, pastor’s family to an international school attending, football playing, youth group band playing, pastor’s family. We just have a few more kids. 🙂 Alot has changed and yet not much has changed. We are still the same family, just two years older, but with the same convictions, goals, and desires. We just live it out in a different location.

Trenton and I have always had a heart for youth; we still do. Trenton has a heart to teach biblical truth; he still does. I have a heart to minister to young girls, young moms, homeschool moms, and women in general; I still do! My kids have always loved to listen, play, and sing music; they still do. It’s obvious nothing has changed here.

Then what’s different? Haha! Everything and nothing! All at the same time.

We live in a different country, culture, and among a myriad of languages. Surrounded by a host of foreigners- a few Americans, but many British, Indians, Pakistani, Arab, Somali, as well as other Middle Eastern and African countries. Mombasa is a melting pot of cultures and always has been because of it’s rich port history.

The differences are apparent daily as we rejoice on the rare occasion fresh water runs out of our tap, we long for a hot shower(yes even when it’s hot outside!), we throw a party when fresh imports arrive at the local grocery store. We look forward to mail. Going to the bank is an all day event. People stare at us while we walk around town. We point and get excited when we see another “AA,” what the kids call an authentic Asian, whether they are Chinese or Japanese. 🙂 Dominos is gourmet pizza in Mombasa!

Those are just a smattering of the variances and similarities in our life in the States versus Kenya. Some days are good and some days are not so good, that’s life. We thank God for how he has been faithful to us throughout these past two years. He has loved us, cared for us, protected us, taken us out of our comfort zone, drawn us near, and sent us out, all for His glory. Some days we laugh, some we cry, some we are frustrated, and some we sit in awe. But each and every day we thank God and hope that He is pleased with us.

What have we learned? God is faithful. God loves us, as much as he loves all his people. He is bigger than any struggle we have and will face, and reminds us in his word:
“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of age.” Matt. 28:20

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